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Terms and Conditions

By signing into this website or by registering to PharmaSpirit you agree to comply to these terms.

Privacy policy

PharmaSpirit warrants that it will perform Services in accordance with the standards of care and diligence normally practiced by recognized organizations in performing Services of a similar nature.

Confidentiality policy

Upon signing the registration form you agree to keep our methods, cases, structure, materials, techniques and plans confidential.  You agree to refrain from duplicating class materials or pre-class materials, taking pictures, video or audio recordings.  The student also agrees to not lend or otherwise disclose or dispose of the contents, directly or indirectly or use them for any purpose other than that for which they were specifically furnished. These documents have been prepared by, and remain the sole property of PharmaSpirit.  They are submitted to the students for its use in educating and guiding them within the scope of work for which they were prepared, and are to be held proprietary to PharmaSpirit. If these terms and conditions are violated PharmaSpirit reserves the right to seek damages and/or injunctive relief.  We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate the student from the course without refund.

Suspension or Termination

PharmaSpirit reserves the rights to suspend or terminate all services in the event a student fails to exercise the standards of care and diligence normally practices by recognized educational organizations performing services of a similar nature.  The standards of care include fraudulent or unauthorized copying of PharmaSpirit materials, seminars and lectures, disruptive activities, aggressive or unlawful behaviours within PharmaSpirit surroundings or with PharmaSpirit employees, instructors, directors or agents. In the case of suspension or termination, the student will not be entitled to a refund. PharmaSpirit shall not be held liable to the Student delays, losses, damages or expenses whatsoever resulting from such termination.

PharmaSpirit Student Expectation

Students are expected to be prepared for class by completing the pre-readings as outlined on the schedule. In the case where a class is missed, the student will not be able to make up that class; however PharmaSpirit guarantees that the instructor will be there to answer your questions via email to help the student understand the material for that class.

Payment Terms

The amount designated for each course will be paid in full upon registration unless the student chooses to pay by mail.  In this case, PharmaSpirit will allow a pending period of 7 business days before the student is removed from the class list.  Once the payment is made, class materials will be mailed out to the students.

Cancellations and Withdrawals

We hold the right to cancel classes under the extreme cases where not enough people have registered for the class or if an emergency situation has arisen.  In such a case, your money will be fully refunded. Student may, with or without cause, cancel or withdrawal from the program at any time.  In the case where a student requires a course cancellation, 100% of the money will be refunded.  However, if you have received your course materials (this includes videos and books) then the fee is nonrefundable.  Once the course has begun there is no refund for cancellations or withdrawals. In the case of an extreme emergency, with the approval of PharmaSpirit,  you may carry over your payment to the next course session.  For example if you pay for the January MCQ prep course and cannot attend the January classes.


PharmaSpirit offers discount for OSCE Prep Course participants who previously took our MCQ Prep Course.  Discounts cannot be combined.  PharmaSpirit holds the right to cancel discounts if another form of payment agreement has been made between PharmaSpirit and the student. Discounts can only be obtained at the time of registration.


If you fail your MCQ exam after taking our MCQ prep course, then you are entitled to take the NEXT course for free.  For example, if you take the January MCQ prep course with us and fail the May  exam then you are entitled to enter the July prep course for free.  This includes attending all the lectures and online videos. However, the updated materials for the new course are not included.  To purchase the updated materials, a fee of $200+hst will be charged for the materials. Only ONE retake course is free. For furture retakes you will be charged 600 +hst, our extended MCQ prep course fee.


PharmaSpirit offeres extensions to MCQ Prep Course.  In the case, a participant cannot write his/her exam following completion of the MCQ prep course, then PharmaSpirit will extend the online access at no extra cost.  However, no updated materials will be provided and the student cannot attend the MCQ lectures for the next course offered. In the case that a student wishes to have updated materials, a fee of $200+hst will be charged for the materials.  If the student wishes to re-attend lectures, a fee of $600+hst will be charged for the lectures.

Governing Law

These terms shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws in force in the province of Ontario and the laws of Canada.    The parties hereto agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the province of Ontario.

Limitation of Liability

PharmaSpirit makes no representations, warranties or conditions of any kind with respect to their courses, seminars or programs.  PharmaSpirit is not associated with or endorsed by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) or any other organization.  PharmaSpirit takes no responsibilities for the outcome of the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada licensing exam. In no event shall PharmaSpirit be liable for any losses or damages suffered to the student during the duration of the program.  In respect to any claim, demand or action by the student against PharmaSpirit or any of its employees, instructors, directors or agents, you shall only be entitled to recover actual and direct damages and claims may not exceed the fee paid by the student for the service provided by PharmaSpirit. PharmaSpirit takes no responsibility for any incidental, indirect or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with this agreement. E-mail:info@pharmaspirit.com