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Our courses are developed with you in mind. Our preparatory courses are designed to provide a unique interactive atmosphere to steer students towards the results they want.  Each course has a limited enrollment, which allows for maximum student-instructor interaction and provides an effective and focused learning environment.

With PharmaSpirit, you will never be left alone. From the moment you register to the day of your PEBC qualifying exam you will have unlimited access to your instructors via email or phone. The support is not only available during the program, but it is also available until the night of the exam.

We know that students have different learning styles, so PharmaSpirit's programs are customized to fit your learning style.  For students who prefer to live the OSCE experience prior to the actual exam, we offer the OSCE simulation course.

The OSCE simulation course use standardized patients and offers an exam-like environment to prepare you for the real deal.  For those who prefer small group learning, in a more private atmosphere and with more personalized feedback atmosphere, PharmaSpirit offers OSCE tutoring course.

The OSCE tutoring course offers a flexible schedule for those who cannot attend the more formal simulation programs.  The tutoring instructor will schedule the classes based on his/her students’ availability.

Also, PharmaSpirit will bring its unique courses to you. The OSCE tutoring course is a mobile course offered throughout Canada.*  The PEBC part I (MCQ) is offered online for those who cannot attend the Toronto based course.  Online classes will be conducted at the same time as the live sessions.  During the online classes, students will see the live classes as if they are in class.

Above all, our program offers affordable courses, seminars and tutorials.

Contact us to for the list of cities the tutoring program is offered